Covid Safety

We're here to help reduce waste, and keep safe.
With the current Covid pandemic, we are taking every precaution to ensure your safety and ours. 
Buttercup will be following guidelines laid out by The British Columbia Government, The Canadian Government and The World Health Organization.
I will be wearing a mask and washing my hands regularly during the filling and while delivering.
If regulations change, so will Buttercup policies and procedures. 
If you are in Quarantine or have contracted Covid, please let us know.
We will not leave you hanging but we will put in extra measures towards deliveries and pick up as well as cleaning the Jars. 
Jar deposit systems
Buttercup refill is built around the idea of the milkman of old. 
We ask that you please wash your jars before returning them to us on a pick up day.
The Jars will be then rewashed and sanitized here at Buttercup Headquarters; before being reused for another refill.