Buttercup Refill started out as an concept to bring my personal lifestyle choices of reducing single use plastics while introducing green companies that nurture Mother Earth to communities we all call home. Investing in a compassionate small business idea that helped give our beautiful planet time to recover. Dealing only with reputable vendors with a shared vision allowed me to spread that message and develop some great relationships with you, my friends and amazing like minded customers.
It has never been about monetary gains for me. In fact, business is kinda scary to me and its been hard at times to juggle . My focus has remained centric on the cause and the change we as a community can create.
My efforts now however, as single a Mama Bear with a growing boy have shifted and my time and energy are needed elsewhere as I pursue new paths in education and career. Buttercup will be winding down business as we begin the process of closing the business. Once existing inventory sells off, Butterecup will be closed. Please take advantage of the remaining inventory and use your existing jars for weighted items or consider the kits available. 
I genuinely thank each and every one of you for making these last few years meaningful and worthwhile in cultivating the change we all want to see in the world. Starting right here in our own backyard.
Colleen & Fisher