How it Works and FAQs

At Buttercup Refill we are passionate about reducing plastic waste, so we are happy to offer our new cleaning and personal care product delivery, milkman style!

How it works: 

Please be sure to add the amount of refillable jars you will be needing to your order. For your first order, you will need the same amount of jars as products you've ordered.

When you are ordering a refill, simply be sure to leave your clean jar outside for us to pick up at time of delivery. For every one of our jars you leave for us to pick up, you will not need to add a jar on your new order for. 


You are reordering 5 items and have 2 jars at home that you'll leave out for us, you'll just need to select 3 jars for this order. 

Customer Accounts: 
We want to make reordering a breeze! Simply create an account, then next time you visit you can log in to see your previous orders.


1) What days do they Deliver to my City?
Delivery days are the following: 
Tuesdays - Rossland, Warfield,Trail, Montrose, Fruitvale area
Castlegar & Genelle 

2) What if I want to return my jars with out refilling? 

Email and let us know you would like your jars picked up and the deposit returned. After jars are picked up deposit will be returned.

3) What is the shelf life of the products?
Carina Organics
Our products are entirely natural and therefore do have a shelf life. We recommend product be used within 3 years of purchase.
Products are viable for 3 years after their manufacturing date.
Rose Citron
Products are viable for 1 year after their manufacturing date. Products should be stored at a temperature between 4°C and 23°C.

4) What if there is a snow storm and delivery are pushed back?
I will contact each one of the customer that are to have deliveries dropped off. I will either reschedule days or wait for the roads to be cleared and it is safe to be on the roads. 

5) What if my city or town is not on the list of delivery locations?
Please email me and ask. If you in Pass Creek or Thrums we would love to deliver to you on our way to Nelson or on one of our Castlegar delivery days. 
We can make it work.