Tooth Powder - Mint
Tooth Powder - Mint

Tooth Powder - Mint

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ōTH’s unique formula imparts a minty note to leave your mouth refreshed and a salty note to help combat those bad breath, plaque causing bacteria.

ōTH’s signature dropper bottle allows you to apply the desired amount of Tooth Powder directly on your brush - no double dipping!

Dampen your brush before the powder
Point your bristles to the sky
• Keep the glass tip dry,
be sure to avoid touching wet bristles to glass tip (if it clogs, just poke free with a clean toothpick).
Close bottle tightly to keep moisture out

✈︎ TRAVEL FRIENDLY! Tooth Powder is the perfect solution for your carry on bag. No liquid, no issue.


Baking soda, himalayan pink salt, calcium carbonate, bentonite clay, diatomaceous earth, ceylon cinnamon*, myrrh powder, peppermint essential oil*.
[All ingredients are food grade]

*certified organic

There are no sweeteners in our Tooth Powder. It may take a few days of use to adapt to the new taste.